Al Gore, the Summer Solstice, and Going Global

Our first newsletter of 2016 went out on June 21. If you aren’t a subscriber, here’s what you missed: Al Gore on sustainable business and climate optimism; the announcement of the first three national finalists, a bit of solstice love, and more.

We’re Going Global

Global impact starts at ClimateLaunchpad

People and organizations from all over the world keep asking us how they can host ClimateLaunchpad in their countries. As we are a European gig, that is impossible. Or rather, it was impossible. We decided to put a stop to the unfair advantage we were giving Europe. As of 2017 the entire globe can have a go at our sizzling competition. And we couldn’t be more proud.

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Photo by Noora Isoeskeli

Finals in Finland

Yes! We know the first three national finalists to make it through the preliminary round of the competition. The three teams that will be competing in Tallinn this October are ReKindle, Padurn, and Rent-In-Shop. Both the jury and the audience agreed on the favorite team: ReKindle. ReKindle offers a subscription based service supplying anaerobic bio-gas to medium-sized and large restaurants in Nepal. Their aim is to make energy sustainable, reliable, and affordable. Congrats Finland!

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Al Gore nails it: planet & profit

The Atlantic published an in-depth article about how Al Gore – with his investment company Generation – is practicing what we preach.Generation is making more money by applying an environmentally conscious model of sustainable investing than funds that pursue profit at any environmental or social price. Gore is creating a new kind of capitalism: sustainable capitalism. Way to go, Al.

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Some more Gore:

Ontario is gearing up: $8.3B to fight climate change

Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, announced an extensive climate change action plan to bring down its carbon foot print. It includes financial incentives to get cleaner more efficient cars and trucks on the roads. Homeowners and businesses get rebates for using green technology such as solar water heating, better windows and geothermal heating.

>Read the article on CBC.

And watch  Ontario’s campaign video with environmental activist David Suzuki.


Saudi Arabia to reduce its oil dependency: Vision 2030
Seeking to regain better control over its economic and financial destiny, Saudi Arabia introduced an ambitious economic restructuring plan. The goal is to reduce the high dependency on oil by transforming how the kingdom generates income. Now that’s interesting news.

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What a wonderful world…

In just 12 seconds, you can see the equinoxes and solstices from space. What a wonderful world it is.

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