Terms & Conditions Adaptation & Resilience Accelerator

Terms & Conditions Adaptation & Resilience Accelerator

1.Background and introduction

ClimateLaunchpad is the Global Green Business Ideas Competition. To accelerate the development of markets for adaptation and resilience solutions, the ClimateLaunchpad programme is integrating an Adaptation and Resilience (A&R) Accelerator.

The A&R Accelerator has been created to provide support to help develop adaptation and resilience startups in African and Asia countries (see eligibility criteria below), for both ClimateLaunchpad and non-ClimateLaunchpad startups. The A&R Accelerator aims to develop and scale high-impact solutions for boosting climate resilience and build seamless end-to-end support for start-ups in the adaptation economy.

The A&R Accelerator is funded by CDC Group’s technical assistance facility CDC Plus, which is funded by UK Aid from the British people.

2. Why apply

The market for adaptation and resilience solutions is growing worldwide, as the physical impacts (such as floods, droughts, heatwaves, sea level rise, increasing storms) are increasingly felt by and affect governments, communities and business. Solutions for these impacts for different customers are particularly complex and challenging to commercialize, however. As a result, many start-up teams developing these solutions may require bespoke support to move from ‘starting to scaling’ by design an effective business model.

This competition will therefore help provide A&R startups the following;

  • Dedicated start-up business support tailored to their stage of maturity
  • Dedicated Adaptation Training: Focused support on the development of their adaptation business with A&R experts and coaches
  • Prize Money: Top 3 teams in the A&R Accelerator can win prize funding, provided by the CDC Group.
  • Networks: Start-ups will be connected to like-minded start-ups at similar stage of development and other A&R focused platforms that can provide further support.
  • Access to Follow-on Technical Support and/or Capital: The success of the A&R Challenge will be judged (in part) by our ability to connect entrepreneurs to additional technical support and/or routes to capital.
  • Visibility: Through Climate-KIC’s network and communication channels, including at COP26.

Through the A&R Accelerator, you will receive the support you need to turn your solution in to a successful business offering, including being a provided a route to growth and investment ahead.

3. Eligibility

Who can enter the Challenge:

Any start-up with a promising adaptation and resilience focused business model from the list of eligible countries can apply (further details on the criteria for selection is provided below).

Start-ups should still be early stage as typically defined by:

  • Start-ups with a prototype and/or service offer ready.
  • A well-formulated business model with working forecasts
  • Some sales traction (of 3-6 months) and first customer feedback.
  • Start-ups will have likely received less than 200K investment in total but this will not be the primary determining factor (we may accept start-ups that have raised more).
  • Additionally, start-ups should have been formally registered for at least one year with robust governance structures already in place.

Alumni from previous ClimateLaunchpad competitions are encouraged to apply.

If you are unsure about your eligibility to enter the competition, please contact us before submitting an entry.

4. Selection Criteria

A minimum of 5 experts (e.g. coaches, investors) will evaluate the start-ups based on the following criteria:

General Criteria

  1. A&R Innovation Potential
  2. Business or Market Size Potential
  3. Job Potential or Social Impact
  4. Strength Management Team
  5. Quality of Pitch/Gut Feeling – fit to accelerator

A&R Innovation Potential Criteria

Adaptation and resilience solutions are technologies, products, or services that can help the identification, assessment, management/transfer and/or monitoring of physical climate risks and their associated impacts.

A&R start-ups applying for this competition will be assessed against the following criteria:

Criteria 1: Does the business address current or future climate change?

As the physical impacts of climate change increasingly cause damage and disruption to society and economies around the world, solutions are needed to help adapt or build resilience to these impacts.

It is important to understand what climate impacts are affecting your customers and how severely they are affected by them in order to design effective solutions for them.

1.1 Climate Risk(s) Addressed: What type of physical climate risk does the business solution help address?

  • Extreme temperature (such as heatwaves)
  • Extreme precipitation
  • Drought
  • Precipitation variability (unpredictable rains)
  • Cyclones, hurricane, typhoon or storms
  • Flood
  • Sea level rise
  • Other..

Minimum Requirement: solution must address at least one location and context-specific physical climate risk.

1.2 Severity of Climate Risk(s): How severe is the climate impact in the geography this startup is focusing on?

  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Minimum Requirement: impact must be at least medium or high.

Criteria 2: Does the offering of your business provide (a) intelligence, (b) products and/or (c) services that help clients address specific climate risks or impacts?

2.1 Climate Adaptation Intelligence:  Does the start-up help its clients to understand the physical climate risk(s) / impact(s) that they face so that they are better informed and able to make decisions that help them?

2.2 Climate Adaptation Product: Does the start-up provide a physical product or good that can help its clients to address a specific climate risk(s) or the associated adverse impact(s)?

2.3 Climate Adaptation Service:  Does the start-up provide a service that helps its clients to address a specific physical climate risk or impact?

Minimum Requirement: solution must answer ‘Yes’ to at least one of the three options.

Criteria 3: How impactful will your business offering be in delivering adaptation and resilience? 

While many startups may provide solutions to their customers that have minor adaptation and resilience benefits as part of a wider offering, the A&R Accelerator is focusing on helping startups develop offerings that will significantly help their customers in responding to the impacts of climate change. As such, helping customers address the physical impacts and hazards of climate change should be the main focus, or at least a very significant part, of the startup’s business offering.

3.1: Impact of solution: To what extent is the business solution focused on adaptation and resilience?

  • Principal – the main focus of the business solution,
  • Significant – a significant part of the business solution,
  • Limited – there are some limited adaptation benefits from the business solution.

Minimum Requirement: solution must be at least Significant or Principal.

Whenever we need to contact you in connection with the competition, we will use the contact information provided by you in the application form. We are not responsible for incomplete or incorrect contact information provided.

5. Submitting an entry

a. In order to submit an idea, you must fill in all mandatory fields and answer all questions within the relevant application form on this website.

Entries must comply with guidelines and recommendations set out on this website.

b. Entries must be submitted in English.

c. You can only submit your application in your country. This is the country where you are either a permanent or a temporary resident. Being a temporary resident means you need to live in the country where you want to participate for the duration of the competition.

d. Submission for entry starts on August 5th 2021. Submission deadlines are set for Monday 13th September 2021.

e. We are not liable for possible deficiencies of the platform. Please note that we are not responsible for problems regarding computers, networks or any other reasons that may lead to lost, damaged or late entries.

6. What happens next – timeline

The A&R Challenge is run entirely online.

Application Window: August 5th to September 13th

After initial entries have been submitted, the Challenge will be run in accordance with the following indicative timeline. We reserve the right to change any of the timeframes indicated on this website.

Selection Window: September 13th to September 30th. Climate-KIC will select the best start-ups to proceed onto the A&R Accelerator programme. Selection will be made following the criteria outlined below.

A&R Day: Monday 4th October. An opportunity to showcase your business, meet your accelerator cohort and potentially be selected to showcase your business at the COP26 Climate Summit to potential investors and industry experts (online)

COP-26 Showcase: TBC A showcase event with opportunities to meet potential investors and industry experts (online)

Accelerator Kick-off: 19th November. The accelerator will include the following components:

Component 1: Business Building Fundamentals – masterclasses and 1-2-1 coaching

Boot camps with 1 coach teams providing core business training to further refine and develop translate business plans into concrete value propositions and support customer traction & acquisition.

Teams assigned ‘mentor’ to support throughout accelerator experience.

Component 2: Peer-2-Peer Learning working groups

Group sessions utilizing the heralded Village Capital model. Focusing on teams discussing their business ideas and models as a group, providing feedback, critiquing, and sharing ideas for their future development.

Component 3: Provision of linkages to markets and further ecosystem support

Presentations by external organisations to provide guidance on future opportunities for support and routes to growth and investment.

Component 4: Thematic guidance with specialist mentor support

Guidance material that ‘signposts’ further thematic resources, case studies and organisations that could be useful in supporting the future development of their businesses.

A&R experts from Climate-KIC provide 1-2-1 guidance to start-ups.

Accelerator Graduation and Prize Ceremony: Late February 2021

The top three teams will win cash prizes (more details below).

7. The Prize

The top three teams will win a cash prize at the end of the accelerator. The winning teams will be determined by:

  • Quality and potential of business
  • Participation in the accelerator

The top team will win € 4,500
The 2nd and 3rd top teams will win € 3,500

All prize money is subject to a due diligence exercise conducted by the Challenge Funder – CDC Group.

The winners are responsible for the payment of any taxes and charges on any prizes.

8. Intellectual property rights, information and publicity

a. You confirm by entering the competition that, to the best of your knowledge, you own all Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”) subsisting in your entry to the competition and that your entry does not infringe any third party’s IPRs. You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permission from third parties to use their IPRs in your submission. We reserve the right to disclose your identity to any third party claiming material posted or uploaded by you to the competition website constitutes a violation of their IPRs, or their confidentiality/privacy rights. We reserve the right to ask for additional evidence or documents to validate that all information you supply is true and complete.

b. Subject to the terms of this clause 7, we recognize your ownership of the IPRs subsisting in your entry to the competition.

c. ClimateLaunchpad does not retain any equity or ownership of the idea upon application. You retain full and exclusive ownership of your information and intellectual property rights. Any idea you submit will only be used for the purpose of evaluating your application to ClimateLaunchpad.

9. Changes and competition cancellation

a. We may cancel the competition or vary these terms and conditions at any time at our discretion. We will post any changes to these terms and conditions on the competition website.

b. We reserve the right to suspend the competition at any time and to change the form and substance, dates for deadlines and events, locations or specification of the competition and/or prize.

c. We reserve the right not to award any prize.

10. Personal Data

a. Unless stated otherwise, information (including personal information) submitted in any entry will be used by EIT Climate-KIC and its Partners in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

b. By submitting your entry to the competition, you give us permission to use the information provided by you in your entry and during your participation in the competition (including your personal details; logos, photos, videos uploaded by you or your pitch and taken during events) for the purposes of administering and judging the competition, for any purpose connected to the competition and for promotional purposes. We may share this information with our jury members, our partners, and anyone who is involved in the competition.

c. Clauses 9.a and 9.b also gives our National Leads the permission to use the information provided by you in your entry and during your participation in the competition (including your personal details, logos, photos, videos uploaded by you or your pitch and taken during events) for the purposes of administering and judging the competition, for any purpose connected to the competition and for promotional purposes. Aside from this, they may still ask you to sign a document for this.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms & conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Dutch laws. Any dispute arising under these terms & conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts. By entering the competition, you agree to submit to the Dutch laws, regardless of your country of establishment or residence.

12. Questions

If you have any further questions about the operation of the Competition, please contact the ClimateLaunchpad A&R Team.

Terms & Conditions Adaptation & Resilience Accelerator - ClimateLaunchpad - Cleantech business idea competition

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