Become a National Lead

We are a global cleantech business idea competition and we continue to grow. Are we not in your country yet? Join us.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to get going, it boils down to:

  • A great network of green entrepreneurs in your country
  • An organisation that can enter into a legal contract with us
  • Time and energy

The deal

What’s in the contract?

  • The agreement to represent ClimateLaunchpad as a National or Regional Lead organisation.
  • A commitment to follow the ClimateLaunchpad branding standards, which includes the correct use of logos, fonts, and colours. All materials are designed to facilitate co-branding with your organisation’s logo and those of your sponsors and partners.
  • As National Lead you are responsible for implementing the Mini-course, organising the Boot Camp, the 6 Coaching Sessions and a National Final.
  • An agreement to attract at least 25 applications and, from that, 10 high quality teams to enter the Boot Camp.
  • A commitment to attract at least 1 business sponsor1 government partner, and 1 media partner. These contributions can be cash or in-kind. For instance, sponsors can give free access to meeting rooms, provide coaching, and pay for drinks and dinner. You can also allow sponsors to give out in-kind prizes. Examples include free consultancy, 6 months of office space in an incubator, sponsor travel costs, etc

There is more detailed information in the contract, but these are the basics.


You will need money or resources for the following things:

  • You need a team to organise ClimateLaunchpad in your country. It’s possible to run the programme with volunteers, but in most cases you will need some funding for this. Team roles include: Country Lead, communications, logistics (organising ClimateLaunchpad can be logistically challenging), outreach to coaches and sponsors. These roles certainly aren’t full time. Technically it’s possible to let one person do all of the work. But it’s way much more fun to make it a team effort and the quality of the programme improves drastically when more people are involved.
  • The organisation and hosting of a multi-day online Boot Camp, run from a location that allows the ClimateLaunchpad trainers to provide a high-quality online training session.
  • The organisation and hosting of an online National Final pitch event.

How to become a lead organisation for the competition

If all of the above sounds achievable (and fun) to you, the first step is to get in touch through the form below. We’ll set up a call to find out if there is a good fit, and then take it from there.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The ClimateLaunchpad Team


Check out our current teams here: National Leads

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