Boot Camp in the Netherlands: great diversity of ideas

Noordwijk 12-13 May – In a typical Dutch way of transportation – by bike – twelve selected teams arrived at the Dutch Boot Camp of ClimateLaunchpad. All participants were very exited to join and the diversity of ideas made it a vibrant and inspiring kick-off.

In 2 days participants identified their target markets, adapted the prices they had in mind and sharpened their product and their pitch. They have been teached in all they need to know about jumpstarting their business. Curious about the Dutch ClimateLaunchpad teams? Take a look at their short introduction films.

These twelve teams with climate innovative ideas were selected:
Autarchy Hub – Filling the gaps in the residential sector for renewable energy generation, water and waste management.
Bean to Barrel – Turning the waste stream of coffee into valuable products, namely; Biodiesel, glycerine and organic fertilizer pellets.
Silicon Power – CO2 free large scale energy storage using silicon and sand
Delft IMP – Green catalysts by scalable nano structuring
InGreen-Holland B.V. – Heating & powering Agriculture with data centre
KINEGRITY – KINEGRITY is the integration of a solar tracker and a lightweight roof structure
Trilobite – They are looking to redefine the way we visit cities, places and people by bringing the people together without having to damage the earth
MyFarm – MyFarm is a web/mobile application which, based on your online grocery shopping history, provides scores on how sustainable/healthy your grocery shopping has been
PrasinusTech – The vision of PrasinusTech is to reform the current way of ammonia production.
SheFarms – SheFarms is a mobile-based platform that has two core functionalities
The City Blueprint – For enhancing sustainable, climate proof urban water management
The MobilityPlanner – Their goal is to reach sustainable mobility through/together with companies.

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