Boot Camp Portugal: getting the ideas ‘back to the basics’

Lisbon, 4-5 May 2015 – On the New University Campus of Lisbon, at UNINOVA , 7 start-ups came together for the ClimateLaunchpad Boot Camp in Portugal. Only a 10 minute drive from the beach, but with the weather being cloudy and rainy, it wasn’t hard to concentrate indoors.

The main theme of UNINOVA is to pursue scientific research, technical development, high level training and the creation of new technological innovation centres and small size industries, which made it an ideal place to work on business ideas focussed to reduce climate impact.

Interestingly the business ideas varied from learning new skills, to changing behaviour and new technologies. Perhaps unsurprising in a country as Portugal – where food, wine and raw materials are important in the daily lives – the ideas were mostly around these concepts. Ranging from a raw food academy, to reusing biowaste at wineries for production of their energy, to nano-coating for natural construction materials, to ecological coffins using recycled materials. But also ideas aimed to reduce personal climate impact are taking part in the competition.

Biggest lessons learnt, is getting your idea ‘Back to the basics’. What is the core of your idea? What is the best market to first start? What deal to start with? It was therefore a very productive Boot Camp, where the ideas have grown and the participants managed to get their main message across.

On the second day, one of the entrepreneurs even managed to fix show of his vast skills by fixing a participants laptop. Just to show that entrepreneurs tend to be ‘Jack of all trades’.


At ClimateLaunchpad we aim to accelerate ideas, and what an improvement did I see in the pitches of the start-ups. I am eager to follow their development during the follow-up Coaching Sessions and final pitch at the National Final on the 4th of June. I wish our cleantech heroes the best of luck!

Anne Cramwinckel
Project Lead ClimateLaunchpad

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