Brazilian start-up Mabe Estudio wins ClimateLaunchpad 2022 with vegetable ‘leather’

Last Thursday, our 2022 finalists competed for the global win during our hybrid Global Grand Final, hosted from The Green Village field lab at TU Delft in The Netherlands. The event showcased this year’s best pitches by the top-16 teams from across the globe, mixed with powerful panel discussions.

We have our winners!

As every year, our expert jury had a tough time deciding on the winners. But they ended up being unanimous about the top-3. With a solid business model for plant-based leather with a regenerative production model, MABE Estudio from Brazil is our 2022 global winner. Marina Belintani, founder of MABE: “We are the first Brazilian start-up to make it to the Global Final, so that’s a very big thing for us. I hope we can grow big and inspire other green start-ups to do the same with their innovations.”

Runner up is WAGA from Tanzania: they reuse laptop batteries to provide affordable and durable battery packs to power rural households. Swiss based 2D Membranes came in third with their innovation to capture CO2 at the source of emission, before it even reaches the environment. Mojtaba Rezaei, CEO at 2D Membranes: “The competition is not the goal. The goal is to get better. ClimateLaunchpad gave us access to lots of experience, ideas and people and mentors.”

We want to congratulate all 2022 winners and participants! Together we reinforced the green wave that is ClimateLaunchpad and together we are fixing climate change.

And hey… if you did not win, you may feel like you lost. Well, think again and read this golden oldie blog post (hint: creating impact is not about winning a competition, it is about finding your first customer).


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