Building local ecosystems to create global impact

All change starts small. That is why we believe in fixing climate change, one start-up at a time. It is also why we are constantly looking to add more regions and countries to our global community of green entrepreneurs. Local and regional changes can shape the globe.

The world is an ecosystem in which we are all connected. What happens in one country or region affects what happens in another country or region. And vice versa. A multitude of local greentech solutions leads to positive climate impact on a global scale by creating a ripple effect of greener economies around the world.

Local initiatives need local ecosystems to grow and thrive. That is why we work with local partners in all countries where we are active. They are the ones who run the local ClimateLaunchpad boot camps and national or regional finals.

Our job is to facilitate those national leads with guidelines, curriculum, marketing, PR and operational support. We aim to strengthen local eco-systems by creating a lively and connected global community.

This year, we started training local coaches to work with our start-ups on subjects like perfecting their pitch, developing their value proposition and validating business models. Irish Aid (one of our main partners and sponsor) funded the training of 14 coaches in 7 countries: Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Vietnam.

Due to the current situation all training sessions are hosted on Zoom by our ClimateLaunchpad trainers Frans Nauta and Lawrence Thiga. Training kicked off in September and by December all 14 coaches will be ready to start coaching our start-ups. Among the topics during training are the methodology and challenges of coaching, planning, project management and evaluation of progress.

Roy Gakuo (Uganda) about being part of the training:

“The training program has allowed me to connect, learn and share best practices with fellow coaches.”

We will continue to build our community and strengthen local eco-systems. Are we not yet present in your country? Read more on how to get ClimateLaunchpad up and running in your area.

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