ClimateLaunchpad 2014’s runner-up Desolenator is going strong

Not only did Desolenator run a tight race in our 2014 European Final, The Guardian also listed them as one of the start-ups of the year. High time we had a chat with founder William Janssen to get an update on life after ClimateLaunchpad.

First things first, tell us a bit about the idea behind Desolenator.

With Desolenator we aim to create a solution for the global water crisis. We want to create a family sized (and bigger) device that provides water independence for people with limited access to clean drinking water. We use solar power to desalinate saline water into clean water.

What was it like to compete in ClimateLaunchpad?

ClimateLaunchpad goes beyond any normal competition. It’s not a competition to participate in for some money prize. What we got is the support we wanted and needed: coaching, mentors, training, office space and financial support for our venture. A priceless experience and opportunity.

What happened since you entered the Accelerator programme?

The best part of making it to the European Finals is that we won access to Climate-KIC Accelerator, which we are on now. We are based at the Imperial College Incubator and working hard on the business validation and also on our technology, with the support of the university. We’re doing well and with Climate-KIC’s support we’ve been able to proceed along an accelerated trajectory, catapulting us into business and serial production by Q1 2016. Also, our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is doing great and The Guardian listed us as a start-up of the year.

Why should others enter ClimateLaunchpad?

Well, if you have a green business idea that makes sense and you want to get ahead – ClimateLaunchpad is the way to achieve just that.

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