What Did ClimateLaunchpad Do This Summer?

What did we at ClimateLaunchpad do this summer? Keep reading to find out.

ClimateLaunchpad National Finals are in full swing

This was an exciting and busy year for the team at ClimateLaunchpad. We had 30 countries participating from all over the EU. Around 270 teams attended the two-day training and follow-up sessions. There were a lot of exciting ideas on offer and a lot of ambitious teams behind them. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

The bootcamps are over for 2016 and now the National Finals are in full swing. We’re looking forward to learning which 90 teams will be competing in Tallinn, Estonia in October.

Take a look at the teams that made it to the bootcamp stage here: 2016 Participants

Bootcamp in less than two minutes

Experience a Climatelaunchpad bootcamp in less than two minutes…Just click on the video and enjoy. You can read more here: Bootcamp Austria

Frans Nauta talks about startup accelerators

ClimateLaunchpad Project Lead Frans Nauta has a thing or two to say about startup accelerators. You can read more here: Everything you always wanted know about startup accelerators but were afraid to ask

What’s hot besides summer?

Sprout in the rain

2016 is hot. We know. But so is precision agriculture and sustainable land use. Check out what the European teams are proposing here: Sustainable Land Use. 

Save the date

Save the Date: October 7-8, 2016

There are so many reasons to join us in Tallinn, Estonia this year. There will be exciting ideas presented, world-class talent, new business concepts, and innovation. There will also be live music and good conversations. You should book your trip now. Read more about the event here: European Finals.


What can we learn from the “number one crazy solar guy in the world”?

Huang Ming Solar Valley

Huang Ming calls himself “the number one crazy solar guy in the world.” He has created a model city in Dezhou, China that he calls “Solar Valley.” Just as California’s Silicon Valley is famous for innovation, Huang envisions China’s Solar Valley as the world’s biggest innovator of solar technology. Read more about his vision here: One Man Leads China’s Solar Power Revolution.

Summer on instagram

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