• Application Deadline – Angola

    July 17th 2023

  • Boot Camp – Angola

    August 7th, 8th and 10th 2023

  • National Final – Angola

    August 31st 2023


Our Team for Angola

What is your background?

Acelera Angola is angolan company founded in 2017 with a goal of accelerating the local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem through the conception and implementation of acceleration and incubation programmes for startups.

Why did you become country lead?

ClimateLaunchpad is a competition that will help us providing networking and learning opportunities to startups in early stages and general people with an idea and passion for solving climate related issues, as well as provide a chance for them to collaborate and compete at a global level. We, at Acelera Angola, are passionate about developing programmes and work on projects that helps pushing people creating sustainable solutions and businesses.

Why do you think this competition is important?

Climate Launchpad helps bring about changes and solutions to questions related to climate issues, and entrepreneurship and innovation has been used as an effective approach to developing many issues.

How does your organisation supports cleantech startups?

Acelera Angola implements acceleration programmes opened for startups in different stages, and provides tools and platforms for entrepreneurs to validate, prototype and test their ideas, as well as network with local and international stakeholders.


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