• Application Deadline – Austria

    April 4th 2020

  • Boot Camp – Austria

    April 25th 2020 -
    April 26th 2020


Our Team for Austria

Meet the Students’ Innovation Centre – [sic!] team, our National Leads for Austria!

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What is your background?
[sic!] consists of highly ambitious students and employees of several universities in Vienna with diverse professional backgrounds, experiences and networks. It’s based at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna.

Why did you become country leads?
ClimateLaunchpad enables us to offer students and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to compete at global level and build a strong network. Thereby [sic!] establishes itself as a key actor in supporting and promoting sustainable businesses and projects in Austria. We are all passionate about giving student innovation a platform, and see them succeed in within the European and global platform.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
Entrepreneurship has become a powerful approach to tackle Climate Change and its diverse impacts on society. Given the fact that action is urgently needed, ClimateLaunchpad constitutes an important tool to successfully promote bottom‐up approaches against global warming.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
[sic!] boosts sustainable business ideas and project initiatives in the context of universities. It offers infrastructure, events, network and know-­how to students, academics and entrepreneurs.

What are the important deadlines for ClimateLaunchpad Austria 2020?
The 2020 application deadline for Austria is April 4th 2020.

Bootcamp: April 25th & 26th
Follow-up Workshop 1: May 9th
Follow-up Workshop 2: June 6th
Follow-up Workshop 3: June 21st
Austrian Final: June 26th.

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