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Meet Johan & Stef, our National Leads for Belgium!

Why did you become a country lead?
VITO is a leading research and technology organisation in cleantech and sustainable development, focused on today’s societal challenges. We provide innovative technology and high-quality solutions, for small companies and corporate industry to gain a competitive advantage. Our advice to governments helps to build policies for a sustainable future. VITO is always open for new sustainable ideas and has the right agile organisation to put greentech and cleantech ideas into action.

Our backgrounds and motivation
We both have our roots in industry and we share a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. At VITO, we capture great ideas and nurture them towards sustainable business ideas and spin-off generation. ClimateLaunchpad is exactly that: translating a great climate-friendly idea into a viable business plan. ClimateLaunchpad brings out the best in the contestants: they work hard in a limited timeframe and learn from each other, while supported by excellent coaches. Here is what our Belgian ClimateLaunchpad participants say:

Metin Bulut – CO2-factory – EU finalist for Belgium in 2015:
“The Bootcamp is a great and inspiring opportunity to learn how your research impacts on society, climate and economy at the same time.”

Koen Verrecht – FARO 360 – Top 10 EU finalist for Belgium in 2016:
“ClimateLaunchpad was a real breakthough event for Faro 360. The bootcamp is a fundamental pitch slidedeck that gets you to the essentials and purest definition of your business idea. Faro is thankful to the ClimateLaunchpad team!”

Roel Vleeschouwers – FUNMEM – EU finalist for Belgium in 2017:
Our participation in CLP2017 was a very interesting experience. The contacts with the other participants were very useful to finally promote our own product in the best possible way. The guidance of the coaches has lead to our first place with FunMem at the Belgian CLP2017 final. This resulted in a number of valuable contacts that will help us to a concrete valorisation. CLP has given an enormous boost to the commercial path of FunMem.”

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