• Submission Deadline Brazil

    August 17th 2018

  • Boot Camp Brazil

    September 24th 2018 -
    September 25th 2018

  • National Final Brazil

    October 1st 2018


Our Team for Brazil

Why did you become a country lead?

Climate Ventures was founded as a multistakeholder platform to create and foster innovative business solutions for a regenerative and low carbon economy in Brazil in partnership with Presencing Inst. (USA). We’re bringing climate/environmental, technology and business ecosystems together to accelerate business, projects and other enabling initiatives/conditions through collective action by curated participants from all 3 sectors of society.


Why do you think this competition is so important?

The competition is paramount to foster not only startups and ideas but also to create a new mindset/culture that aligning profitable businesses with a positive impact on our planet is the ONLY way. With this competition we intend to map and understand how many initiatives there are, their challenges and needs so that we can better define our systems change strategy.

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