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Meet Kadri our National Lead for Estonia!


What is your background?
I have studied environmental technology and materials of sustainable energetics. My work and hobbies have been intertwined with environmental issues for already 10 years. My professional experience is pretty diverse. I started in the field of organic food and later as a chemist I tested toxic elements in food and water. I continued as an engineer developing new generation thin-film flexible solar cells. In the last years my focus has been in waste reduction. I was a CEO in the biggest package recycling company in Estonia and I launched a circular economy business in reusable cup system for public events.

Why did you become a country lead?
As being inclusively involved in the environmental practices I believe that as a society we can do a lot better in terms of sustainability. I have always had the drive to contribute to environmental development any way I can. ClimateLauncpad with its professional experts enables the synergy for the highest outcome and real change.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
No one succeeds alone. By bringing together idea owners and supporting them with professional network and further guidance, we assure that the best ideas will come to life and continue growing.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
Cleantech ForEst is an organization that promotes cleantech in Estonia, brings and creates awareness about the field and provides information about cleantech educational events and opportunities in Estonia and Europe. We support cleantech business ideas and startups via ClimateLaunchpad and Climate-KIC Accelerator.

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National prizes for winners

The Estonian main award for the National Finals will be provided by Hedman Partners (1500 euro worth of services).

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