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    August 15th 2017


Our National Lead for Estonia

Meet Erki our National Lead for Estonia!


What is your background?
I have studied environmental technology and environmental management and engineering. My interest in the topic has grown rapidly and has led me to various business management studies as well as towards organizations and networks related to cleantech/greentech. I also have experience with two early stage start-up’s management and presenting and in addition to various competitions I have participated in ClimateLaunchpad program in two different countries.

Why did you become a country lead?
Seeing and being part of all the innovation and great business ideas drives me to want to be part of all that. My hopes for cleantech improvement and rapid growth are high and I believe that if one wants to make a difference regarding current pollutive economies, there’s no better way than to lead the change.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
Getting great ideas out of people is not difficult – but improving, guiding, supporting and leading the ideas towards actually making an impact, is hard. And that’s just what ClimateLaunchpad competition does – through detailed and high-class mentoring and support motivated and innovative business ideas get a chance for an awesome lift-off.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
Cleantech ForEst is an organization that promotes cleantech in Estonia, brings and creates awareness about the field and provides information about cleantech educational events and opportunities in Estonia and Europe. We support cleantech business ideas and startups via ClimateLaunchpad and Climate-KIC Accelerator.

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Local Partners and Sponsors

National prizes for winners

The Estonian main award for the three National Finals will be provided by Hedman Partners (1500 euro worth of services per startup).

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