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Welcome to the Finnish Climate Launchpad 2022!

Registration 2.5 – 6.6.2022.

Why to join? ClimateLaunchPad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition where you can perfect your pitch, value proposition and business model together with experienced coaches.
Your idea can still be on the back of a napkin or it can be already further-developed – as long as it helps to fix the climate!


  • Application period: May 2-June 6 2022
  • Online course (June): Short online course which is a mandatory requirement for participating virtual bootcamp
  • 3 day virtual bootcamp (June): June 27-29 2022
  • Coaching (June / August): Individual coaching available for teams on demand
  • Virtual Pitching event (August): August 15th 2022. Announcing the winner of the Climate Launchpad Finland.

Format: Online Business Idea Competition. Climate Launchpad is open to all. 3AMK students will receive 5 ECTS credits from participation and successful completion of the program.

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