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Our Team for Georgia

Meet Our Team for Georgia!

What is your background?

Tea Mkheidze is an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Trainer & Consultant and Programme Manager. She has MA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University, Sweden with Swedish Institute scholarship. Currently Tea is a Master Trainer for RDFG and USAID Zrda Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Project, Programme Manager for social project at PH International, invited lecturer of principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Business and Technology University in Georgia. She has worked as Open Innovation Trainee at Ideon Open in Ideon Science Park, Sweden.

Jasur Hasanov  is an Impact Entrepreneur & Marketer by passion, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Expert by profession. Holds an MBA from Putra Business School (Malaysia) and B.Sc. in Computer Science. Jasur’s the Founder and Chairman of the Sil.VC (Social Innovation Lab) – a startup studio that provides technological, industrial and business mentoring and offers seed funding for early stage startups in cleantech, space, foodtech, agritech and creative industries. Sil.VC has been playing a key role to catalyze Azerbaijani tech ecosystem and provide the local entrepreneurs access to the global opportunities.

Why do you want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?
Tea: In order to strengthen the Georgian Entrepreneurship and Innovation ecosystem it s important to bring different global programs supporting local entrepreneurs. In Georgia there is no specific programme focusing on cleantech and sustainability. In this regard, ClimateLaunchpad is a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs. It gives access to global experience and opportunities and helps to develop impact driven startups with a strong focus on climate change and sustainability.

Jasur: Sil. is a leading entrepreneurship center in Caucasus operating in Azerbaijan and Georgia founded with ambition to build first unicorn startup born out of Azerbaijan through lifting 50 tech startups annually by 2025. Therefore, ClimateLaunchpad is great opportunity for the entrepreneurs whose initiatives are in clean/green tech industry to build partnerships and showcase their products at international level.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
Tea: Climate change is a global issue and it requires global action and  innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. ClimateLaunchpad connects impact driven entrepreneurs all over the world, trains them to think big and think sustainable, gives opportunities to build global startups, connect with investors, creates a platform for sharing knowledge, experience, access to global green entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Jasur: The reason why we have a specific focus on cleantech area as one of the core 3 tracks of our acceleration programs is that we have aspiring entrepreneurs and young scientists with great potential whose talent would bring about positive change to one of the world’s most emerging issues, the climate change. This competition is a very important tool that motivates and supports entrepreneurs from all over the world to think about solutions for alarming climate change issues at global scale.

How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?
We at Sil. believe that entrepreneurship education is a must in building a sustainable venture. Therefore, our mission is to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and give them access to global opportunities to enable them build globally impactful solutions.

We do that through educating aspiring entrepreneurs on the essentials of entrepreneurship through the most up-to-date approaches, tools and methodologies, inspiring them through the success stories of our alumni and providing a strong innovation environment where they can primarily focus on achieving the best possible results using their full potential and provided resources. More about our activities visit our website here. Follow Social Innovation Lab on facebook.

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