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Meet Siddharth & Pratap


What is your background?
I run an Ad firm based out of Andhra Pradesh – we build brands for young and emerging entrepreneurs around India. In 2014 I have founded StartAP – the flagship startup/entrepreneurial ecosystem enabler for the state of AP. StartAP impacted around 10,000 youngsters and been a growth platform for more than 250+ startups. I spend most of my time travelling around the word – learn and experience cultures and the way people revolutionise.

Why does your organization want to organize CLP in your country?
ClimateLaunchpad as a pioneering initiative for the world to help youth and thought-leaders shall definitely impact the understanding of the youngsters in AP and South India. There is a need for organisations to play a greater role drive the world towards cleantech.

How does your organization support clean-tech startups?
We have been partnering with organisations from around the world to bring together a collective understanding of clean energy to AP. Our conferences have climate-change and clean-tech as one of the major elements since 2015. StartAP is coming with an impact fund to support startups & leaders in cleantech space


What is your background?
After a short career in finance, I moved to India in 2000 and have been an entrepreneur for the last 17 years in IT, media, renewable energy, and now climate.

Why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?
The main goal of the Climate Studio is to build and support the emerging innovation ecosystem around climate and sustainability through a variety of start-up tools and programs. We share ClimateLaunchpad’s vision that real climate change requires real business.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
We bring angel investors in India and Singapore to early-stage climate start-ups for funding. Next year, we are launching a coworking platform around climate and environment.

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