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    May 12th 2019

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Tamil Nadu

Our Team for Tamil Nadu

Meet Shravan Shankar, our National Lead for Tamil Nadu!

What is your background?

I work with ventures across Asia and Africa in creating sustainable social impact solutions. I have consulted on sustainability strategies; developing large-scale funded projects; and national policy and advocacy work for the Governments of India and Sri Lanka. I am a co-founder of AtWorks, a startup that provides an ecosystem platform to support other startups, and freelancers to build more successful impact businesses, recognized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a Circular Economy Solution for India.

Why did you become a country lead / why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?

We have seen many approaches and ways to addressing climate action, through entrepreneurship or corporate approaches. Time and again, we have seen that the failings of well-intentioned initiatives has been down to a lack of a sustained long-term structure towards facilitating and guiding individuals and enterprises with support and a focused curriculum. Climate Launchpad’s approach is not just a training program, but gives an excellent curriculum approach together with practical applications of learning, mentor-ship, towards addressing climate action.

Why do you think this competition is important?

We need more identification, visibility, support of climate innovations and startups from the early stage. ClimateLaunchpad is the type of platform we need to create an environment for people and teams working to address climate impacts at an early stage to find opportunities, mentors, market validation, which are among the most crucial building blocks for building a successful business.

How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?

We work with and advise various sustainable impact-focused organizations, including cleantech startups. We have also housed and supported a few cleantech ventures from our network of connected spaces in their early growth stage, and operate an “open incubator” accessible to all focused on sustainability impacts in collaboration with different institutions and corporations to support startups working on climate action. With the Climate Collective, we are partners in running a pan-India multi-city climate acceleration ecosystem to build platforms for climate and clean-tech startups to scale and grow.


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