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Our Team for Israel

Meet Na’ama Aloni, our National Lead for Israel!

What is your background?
Eilat-Eilot is a non-profit initiative set to promote the use and development of renewable energy in the southern region of Israel and using renewable energy as regional development catalyst.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
Eilat-Eilot is a non-profit company promoting the use and development of renewable energy as a regional development catalyst. We aims to transform the southern region of Israel into an international center for research and development of technologies that produce renewable energy. We do this by promoting educational projects like ClimateLaunchpad and Sustainergy- excelling youth competition, by supporting start-up companies, promoting Israeli regulation in favor of renewable energies and raising awareness and sharing of information with an international conference and other events.

Why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?
Big part of our work is aimed towards education and technology development. ClimateLaunchpad combines both while giving us the opportunity to encourage and train upcoming entrepreneurs.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
The world is looking for solutions to help reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere. It is one of the most important goals for humanity’s existence around the globe.

How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?
Partnered with Capital Nature investment firm focused on renewable energy ventures. We have a ‘Sprouter’ set to accelerate environmental agricultural start-ups. Our building holds laboratories and workshops to allow entrepreneurs work and develop their idea.

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