• Application Deadline – Israel

    July 4th 2023

  • Boot Camp – Israel

    July 19th 2023 -
    July 21st 2023

  • National Final – Israel

    September 19th 2023


Our Team for Israel

  • Menashe Zelicha

  • Roni Elhalal Givon

  • Ivgi Zlatopolsky

From zero to Funded

ClimateLaunchpad ISRAEL is Israel’s first start-up program for cleantech companies to help address climate change and to promote humanity to a clean green future with innovation and technology solutions that challenge current business models. We are determined to harness Israel’s ‘startup-nation’ knowledge to address the negative impacts of climate change by way of innovation and invention. A green and clean future demands thousands of innovations challenging the current business models. There are a lot of great ideas out there for improving lives and reducing emissions. Some of them remain in the idea stage, never taking the next step and becoming viable. Some of them need an extra push. They need a bit of mentoring. Some training. The benefit of experience. They need lessons from entrepreneurial failures and successes. With coaching and support, several ideas can become reality.

Follow us on the LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/climate-il
Visit our website to learn more:: https://www.clp.org.il

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