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Our Team for Lithuania

Meet Julija & Laurynas, our National Leads for Lithuania!

What is your background?
Julija: I work as a Project coordinator at Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, where my main focus is on cleantech and sustainability related projects. Since 2016, I have been the National Lead of ClimateLaunchpad in Lithuania. I have co-developed international sustainability pre-acceleration program Futurepreneurs and been coordinating the main activities of the program since 2017. In 2018, I have started working as a facilitator of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania.

Laurynas: I am an Innovation consultant at Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park. I have a 10+ years of experience in technology Transfer systems/procedures, Technology scouting, Innovation audit, Innovation & Creativity management, IP assessment etc. I started working with ClimateLaunchpad in 2015 and have couched more than 30 teams since then.

Why did you become a country lead?
Sunrise Valley STP operates to ensure provision of quality services to knowledge-intensive business and to encourage and support everyone willing to commercialise their business ideas. We see ClimateLaunchpad as a professional and challenging community sharing the same values as we do.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
We strongly believe, that the new era of innovation development must be in line with the goals of sustainability. As an important player of national innovation ecosystem, Sunrise Valley STP aims to stimulate innovation for fostering zero-carbon economy and climate change resilient society. ClimateLaunchpad helps us to increase awareness about environmental problems and climate change. We believe that this competition is a great way to help innovative people turn their ideas into running impactful businesses. It also makes the hard work of solving global challenges look more fun and attractive!

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
Sunrise Valley STP features long-standing traditions in development of entrepreneurship, promotion of business and science collaboration, provision of infrastructure and other innovation support services. Park focuses on fostering sustainable technologies, innovation and social initiatives to engage people and businesses to be a part of sustainable community.
In 2017, we have started an international sustainability pre-acceleration program Futurepreneurs. Every year it brings together impact-oriented community members, who want to learn the main steps of sustainable business development and address sustainability issues through business solutions.
At the end of 2018, Park established Cleantech Cluster Lithuania. It connects clean technology companies, science and research institutions and other entities which contribute with their professional knowledge, skills, business activities, reputation and experience in pursuit of common goals of increasing the competitiveness of the cluster members and positioning Lithuania as a country of clean technologies.
Sunrise Valley STP runs national competition of ClimateLaunchpad in Lithuania since 2015.

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