• Application Deadline – Angola and Namibia

    June 14th 2024

  • National Final – Angola and Namibia

    July 31st 2024

  • Boot Camp – Angola and Namibia

    To be determined


Our Team for Namibia

Who We Are:

Originally founded in Angola in 2017, Acelera has now expanded its operations into Namibia and São Tomé e Príncipe. A dynamic company dedicated to accelerating entrepreneurship and fostering innovation, Acelera is committed to empowering startups and driving positive change in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Why We’ve Taken on the Role of Country Lead:

Acelera is honored to serve as the country lead for ClimateLaunchpad in Namibia. This esteemed position aligns with our mission to empower startups and promote innovation. ClimateLaunchpad offers invaluable networking and educational opportunities for startups and individuals dedicated to addressing climate-related challenges. At Acelera, we’re steadfast in our commitment to fostering innovation that leads to sustainable solutions.

Join us in leveraging this platform to collaborate, compete, and make a global impact.


The Significance of ClimateLaunchpad:

ClimateLaunchpad plays a pivotal role in driving change and encouraging innovation to combat urgent climate issues. As an organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, we understand the transformative potential of innovative solutions in advancing environmental sustainability. ClimateLaunchpad presents a unique avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into impactful ventures that confront climate challenges head-on.


Our Support for Cleantech Startups:

At Acelera Namibia, we empower cleantech startups through customized acceleration programs. These programs are designed to cater to startups at varying stages of development, equipping them with the essential tools, resources, and platforms to validate, prototype, and test their concepts. Moreover, we facilitate networking opportunities with local and international stakeholders, enabling startups to cultivate valuable connections and collaborations.

Meet the other country leads or Join us today.

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