Our Team for Nepal

Meet Abhishek Yadav, our country lead for Nepal.

What is your background?

I am the Managing Director of Emerging Technologies, an environment sustainability training and consulting firm. I train and mentor ventures that aim to develop products and services that help us achieve environmental sustainability. My expertise is in economics and policy of energy and environment with a focus on renewable energy project development. I have consulted with the Government of Nepal and the World Bank on policy, economics, finance and technical aspects of renewable energy and climate adaptation technologies. I co-founded Sun Urja Nepal, a utility-scale solar energy company in 2018.

Why does your organization want to organize CLP in your country?

Entrepreneurs will have to play a critical role in tackling Climate change. There are a lot of great ideas out there. However, most of them remain in the idea stage, never taking the next step and becoming viable. Through the CLP program, we want to train and mentor green business entrepreneurs using a rigorous international curriculum and help them develop a robust business proposal to raise investment. CLP is a great platform for developing, validating, and presenting green businesses ideas at the national and global stage.

How does your organization support clean-tech startups?

Emerging Technologies helps by not letting potentially world-altering ideas slip through the cracks. We help start-ups reduce the time to market by providing focused curriculum based training, mentorship, experience-sharing and a networking platform. We aim to help source early stage funding for these start-ups to give them the boost required. We also help with legal and administrative aspects of business setup and investment approvals.

“Green Business Start-ups help us meet our climate goals by developing innovative products and solutions to address the economy’s environmental sustainability gaps. They are the starting point of the path to achieving environmental sustainability cost effectively.”

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