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Meet Dickie

Federico C. Gonzalez (“Dickie”):

Federico C. Gonzalez (“Dickie’) was appointed in January 2017 as the first Executive Director of DLSU’s Animo Labs Technology Business Incubator for the incubation & commercialization of university research of faculty, students, alumni and others. It is now coaching over twenty (20) projects and is active in workshops, competitions, Techpre101 teacher-training and assisting other TBIs. Animo Labs is also the thought leader and advocate of technology and innovation-driven entrepreneurship at DLSU.

Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation are Dickie’s passion, which he has pursued for 15 years now. This passion took seed in his organizing in 2005 the PESO Challenge, the first technology business plan competition in the country. Since then, and having retired from corporate life, he has reinvented himself and served as a technical consultant for various stakeholders.

Dickie finished his BS-MechEng (Magna Cum Laude, 1964) at the De La Salle College (Philippines) and MS-Industrial-Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1966), Cambridge, Mass., USA.

His post-MS education includes:

  1. PhD in Industrial Engineering (DLSU), thesis-in-process;
  2. Intellectual Property Training by WIPO;
  3. Expert-level training in Blue Ocean Strategy (UCSI, 2012-13);
  4. Technology Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Product Development (Stanford-online, 2013);
  5. Sustainable Development (Columbia-online, 2014).

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