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    June 7th 2022


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UPTEC supports the creation and development of business projects in the arts, sciences and technologies and hosts innovation centres for both national and international companies. Following a shared resources strategy, UPTEC provides projects with specialized support, connecting them to a wide and broad network of partners.

In addition, UPTEC offers a propitious environment for innovation and the creation of companies, as it assumes itself as a valuable role in bridging the gap between the knowledge generated at the University and the market.

UPTEC has been organising ClimateLaunchpad in Portugal since 2016, where we supported almost 50 teams within more than 90 applications in total. Besides, Portugal had two international winners. Pavnext was awarded in 2017 in the “Urban Transitions” category, whereas Eco2Blocks won the Global Grand Final of ClimateLaunchpad in 2018.


LIPOR — Intermunicipal Waste Management Service of Greater Porto

LIPOR is a Municipality Association founded in 1982 to manage, recover and treat 500,000 tons per year of municipal waste produced by 1 million inhabitants.

Our integrated management strategy is based on Multimaterial Recovery, Organic Recovery, and Energy Recovery, supported by a Landfill Site to receive the waste from processes and from previously prepared waste. We do it based on three pillars of Sustainable Development: environmental, economic, and social. The principles of a Circular Economy inspire us to keep working towards a sustainable future.


Smart Waste Portugal

Smart Waste Portugal Association’s mission is to create a collaborative platform that involves all agents in the waste sector, enhancing and valuing waste as a resource. SWP asserts itself as a reference entity at national level in the transition to the circular economy, promoting synergies, the generation of new businesses, presenting positions, being a partner of the government, producing knowledge and dynamizing various working groups. Our network currently has 126 Members, who have been a determining factor in this collaborative strategy.


Pacto Português para os Plásticos

The Portuguese Plastics Pact, led by Smart Waste Portugal, is a collaborative initiative that unites the plastics value chain through a common vision – a circular economy for plastics, where plastics never become waste or pollution.  This initiative belongs to Global Plastics Pact Network of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The 100+ members of the Portuguese Plastics Pact set ambitious targets to be achieved by 2025 – Eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastics; Promote recyclability and reuse; Increase recycling; Increase the use of recycled plastics; and create awareness to the public.

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