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Our Team for Romania

Meet Cristina, our National Lead for Romania!

What is your background?
I am business consultant, I have a master’s degree in Business Administration and my practical experience consists of activities ranging from early stage investments to multinational businesses and practical programs. I seek financial opportunities for businesses, I write proposals for non-refundable funds available for companies (especially start-ups, SME’s).

Why did you become a country lead?
TCCIA specifically aims to encourage community-based knowledge and competitiveness, R&D in the region, all being part of the regulations, strategy of TCCIA and the guidelines for 2014-2020. We target to strengthen the regional economy by supporting and stimulating the innovation potential.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
This competition speeds up the innovation process, offers wide visibility to the business idea and rapidly grows their networks and their companies.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
TCCIA supports entrepreneurs, innovators and companies throughout the entire lifecycle. We are a key player in keeping businesses competitive in the fast growing global cleantech marketplace and interested in environmental and social responsibility.

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