• Application Deadline – Switzerland

    May 29th 2024

  • Boot Camp – Switzerland

    June 19th 2024 -
    June 21st 2024

  • National Final – Switzerland

    August 16th 2024


Our Team for Switzerland

Meet Startup Academy, our National Lead for Switzerland!

What is your background?
Startup Academy is a nonprofit organization that connects startups in Switzerland with institutions of higher learning and businesses throughout the country.

Why did you become a country lead?
Startup Academy has been hosting the Swiss ClimateLaunchpad since 2015. We believe that this cleantech competition is an effective program to develop relevant business ideas for today’s most important challenges. Getting to know young entrepreneurs from all over the country as well as their green business ideas has been very inspiring. We cannot wait to see which innovative startups join the competition this time around.

Why do you think this competition is so important?
In order to tackle the negative effects of climate change and preserve our environment, we need a lot of very good and innovative ideas! As the world’s largest green business ideas competition, ClimateLaunchpad provides a platform that globally boosts and supports entrepreneurs with such ideas and provides an awesome network for like-minded people.

How does your organisation support cleantech start-ups?
At Startup Academy, we support a wide range of different startups with our mentoring program, workshops, and by providing access to a large network of people. Having more entrepreneurs with green business ideas join our program is one of our goals!


The top 3 of CLP 2019 together with the National Leads (from left to right): Catherine Riesen (former National Lead), Pierandrea Quarta (Re-Company), Alessandro Rotta Loria and Margaux Peltier (Enerdrape), Masoud Talebi Amiri and Matthew Reali (Ponera), and Marilen Dürr (former National Lead)

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Local Partners and Sponsors

National prizes

1st place: Startup Academy Support Program worth CHF 11,250 (18 months) - 2nd place: Startup Academy Support Program worth CHF 7,500 (12 months) - 3rd place: Startup Academy Support Program worth CHF 3,750 (6 months)

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