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Our Team for UK-Scotland

Meet Ed, our National Lead for Scotland!

Tell us something about your background?
Have personally owned (2), advised (200) and supported (>1000) start-up and development of innovative low carbon SMEs. Working in a world leading low carbon eco-system I have degree in business, masters in ecology and doctorate in eco-innovation.

Why did you become a country lead, and why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?
As lead for innovation and global activities in ECCI I was keen to engage in CLP. Scotland has multiple eco-innovation competitions, none with such opportunities for intensive support and European partnerships.

Why do you think this competition is important?
To measure yourself against the best ideas throughout europe while receiving world class support and market access.

How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?
ECCI has a strong track record of providing direct and indirect support through incubation, mentoring, advisory services, brokerage and networking services working within and between key clusters. ECCI is also global with significant access to key markets including China.


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