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    June 15th 2018

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    July 6th 2018 -
    July 8th 2018


Our National Leads for Ukraine

Meet Roman & Kseniia, our National Leads for Ukraine!

What is your background?

Roman Zinchenko

Green economy evangelist, cofounder and chairman of Greencubator. Green business models lecturer at Lviv Business School, co-chairman at UVCA energy committee. Co-organizer of TeslaCamp, Hack4energy, EnergyCamps. Speakers’ curator at TEDxKyiv.

Kseniia Choni

Development manager at Greencubator, an alumna of the Global Village for Leaders in Business Industry at Lehigh University, a member of the European Youth Parliament – Ukraine. Runs half-marathons and majority of Greencubator operations. Builds Greencubator’s energy innovations network in 11 cities of Ukraine.


Why did you become a country lead / why does your organisation want to arrange ClimateLaunchpad in your country?

Greencubator’s mission is to connect energy talents and drive green entrepreneurship. ClimateLaunchpad ignites the creation on new green teams and startups. We want to unite our efforts in creating more successful cleantech startups in Ukraine and for the world.


Why do you think this competition is important?

Green entrepreneurs are the key to solving climate crisis. Ukraine’s green economy ecosystem is in the making, and ClimateLaunchpad’s expertise and network will accelerate growth of early stage green startups.


How does your organisation support clean tech start-ups?

Greencubator builds ecosystem for green startups in Ukraine: hackathons, demo-days, educational programs. We connect energy innovators with international partners, educate the market about green economy, evangelise VCs and media.

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