• Application Deadline – USA

    June 3rd 2024

  • Boot Camp – USA

    July 1st 2024 -
    July 3rd 2024

  • National Final – USA

    August 16th 2024

United States

Our Team for United States

Say Hello to CleanLeap: Your National Lead Organization for ClimateLaunchpad USA

As the U.S. National Lead for ClimateLaunchpad, our mission at CleanLeap is deeply rooted in promoting green entrepreneurship. With our extensive experience mentoring and supporting startups, we are committed to guiding innovators from concept to creation, making a tangible impact on the environment.

Meet Porter Wong, Our National Lead for the United States

Porter Wong brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic background to his role as CleanLeap’s National Lead for the United States. With a career deeply entrenched in supporting and mentoring startups, Wong’s expertise spans various facets of the tech and cleantech sectors. His involvement with numerous entrepreneurial academies and innovation challenges, combined with his advisory roles in tech startups, positions him as a pivotal figure in nurturing green innovation within the U.S.

Why We Lead

We joined ClimateLaunchpad to empower project leaders to transition from ideas to impactful businesses. This initiative aligns with our vision of nurturing startups through crucial early stages, providing them with essential tools for success.

The Competition’s Role

The ClimateLaunchpad competition is vital for encouraging entrepreneurs to develop their green business ideas into contributing organizations. It offers a pathway filled with learning, growth, and networking opportunities, laying the groundwork for future eco-inclusive enterprises.

Our Support for Startups

Our involvement goes beyond the competition. We support cleantech startups by connecting them with a broad network of partners, investors, and mentors, facilitating access to resources and funding. This comprehensive support system is designed to accelerate the journey of eco-inclusive ideas into thriving businesses.

Together with ClimateLaunchpad and Climate-KIC, we’re energized to advance the U.S. cleantech sector, fostering a sustainable future through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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