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Press Release

Climate launchpad National Final Pitching Competition

Lusaka, 7th September 2021. Entomo Farm, Skygrip Eco-polysand products and Tripchar are the winners of the ClimateLaunchpad national final competition in Zambia organized by Impact Hub Lusaka. The competition is supported by the Climate-KIC International Foundation and German Development Cooperation to accelerate climate tech solutions for a net-zero Africa. The winning teams will advance to the ClimateLaunchpad Regional Finals next month in Mozambique.

Dr. Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC commented::

“ClimateLaunchpad is now taking on the dimensions of a global movement, and we see that in the quality of what’s coming through and the extent to which people are building on the shoulders of what’s gone before, learning from each other, and picking up where the biggest needs are and what we need to address.

“All of the participants are winners in their own right and represent the next generation of green leaders in the world. ClimateLaunchpad is in many ways a development programme that connects these brilliant minds and their solutions on an international stage. The exposure for the businesses and the teachings they absorb throughout the process help equip them for leadership in their own countries and communities.”

Three winners from each country will be competing in the African Regional Finals on 21 September in Mozambique, where a total of 18 teams from Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Zambia and Rwanda will have a chance to compete at the Grand Finals.

Thanks to the national leads of the competition, Climate Innovation Centers, YouThinkGreen, Make Sense Africa, and the Impact Hubs in Africa, the programme can expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support start-ups with training, mentorship and access to funding via incubation and acceleration programmes, such as EIT Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator and ClimateLaunchpad. With GIZ’s funding support, the Climate-KIC International Foundation’s diverse portfolio of entrepreneurship offerings in Africa is set to scale. This partnership adds to GIZ’s portfolio of initiatives on the continent to offer a new response to climate change challenges.


About the Climate-KIC International Foundation

The Foundation’s entrepreneurship portfolio covers the development pipeline that starts at the activation and ideation stages, and offers innovators the opportunity to incubate solutions into successful climate-positive start-ups. The work of the Foundation builds from the EIT Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator, the main climate innovation solution provider in Europe with a 10-year track record. Read more at: https://www.climatekicfoundation.org/about/

The Foundation has entered into an agreement supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to accelerate climate tech solutions for a net-zero Africa.

About ClimateLaunchpad

ClimateLaunchpad is considered the world’s largest green business ideas competition. In the past six years with a slogan of “saving the world one start-up at a time”, ClimateLaunchpad has generated more than 6,700 ideas that resulted in the creation of over 8,000 jobs within 1,900 start-ups. Read more at:  https://climatelaunchpad.org

This year, the jury has selected 3 national winners from the competition: 

First position: Entomo Farm

It is an SME that specialises in supplying organic livestock feed made from insects. It is targeted at small and medium scale markets in chicken, fish and pig farmers, including small pet owners and distributors and cooperatives. One of the main raw materials is organic household waste, when taken to scale, it is usually they use tons of waste to feed the insect larvae. This action, of reducing landfills, is in turn good for the environment as it sees a reduction in the carbon footprint 

Second positions: Skygrip Eco-polysand products

Skygrip recycles plastic waste to make pavers to build pavements and roofing buildings. The overall market for paving blocks and roofing tiles has increased in the country; more people are choosing to build before they invest in anything else. The standard of the houses constructed has also improved because many people now are exposed to different cultures and want to develop attractive structures that are of high quality at an affordable price.
They offer cheaper alternative products to cement based products and iron roofing sheets to middle-income earners looking for high quality, accessible, and affordable construction materials

Third position: Tripcharc

The company provide alternative sustainable energy to clients by making and supplying energy blocks. Trip-charc brings you a solution of cost effective, environmentally friendly, smokeless energy blocks (charcoal briquettes) made from waste. It burns 6 hours longer than charcoal. Our energy blocks are made from waste and are smokeless, environmentally friendly, and do not emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

We plan on replacing wood charcoal with our energy blocks because as much as 66 % of zambian land is forest cover it is slowly being lost due to escalating rates of charcoal production.

All the three winners have been awarded the following by Impact Hub Lusaka;

  1. Pitching at regional level in Mozambique
  2. Mentorship by coaches at Impact Hub Lusaka
  3. Certification of recognition as the most promising startups

 These startups will also have the opportunity to represent Zambia in the African Regional Finals in Mozambique.

The entrepreneurs have been supported by Impact Hub Lusaka, providing training and coaching by local as well as international experts. This competition is part of a continental programme managed by the Climate-KIC Foundation. It aims to identify the best climate-positive businesses and support them on the journey towards commercial viability.



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