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2D Membranes

Graphene membranes make carbon capture affordable!


We are pretty sure you have heard about direct air capture projects focusing on removing the CO2 that is already in the atmosphere, but we can improve upon that by capturing the CO2 at the source of emission before it reaches the environment. We are bringing to you a disruptive energy-efficient CO2 separation technology that finally makes the carbon capture a viable option. We can adjust the captured CO2 purity so it can be either sold to the local buyers for direct use, or converted to other value added products. We have 5 recent patents protecting the core of our technology.

Due to our membrane-based solvent-free technology, we bring forward an innovative process eliminating the high energy consumption of solvent—based conventional units. By doing so, our clients save 4.2 ME/year utilizing our 50 ktCO2/year capture unit compared to paying the constantly raising carbon tax of their CO2 emissions. 2 ME more savings compared to conventional units.


  • 2022

    3rd on the Global Grand Final ClimateLaunchpad

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  • 2022 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Switzerland
  • € 215k
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  • Mojtaba Rezaei (CEO), Karl Khalil (COO), Florent Sahli (CTO), Kumar Varoon Agrawal (Advisor)

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