National First prize winner

A2P Energy Solution Private Limited

A2P uses AI to track and buy waste biomass from farmers and converts it into NextGen biofuels


India produces 550 million tons of crop residue every year. In two northern states of India, 35 millions tons of paddy straw is left over after harvesting, most if which is burned. This burning causes serious air pollution that is responsible for public health emergencies in the capital of India (Delhi) every winter and which has caused Delhi to be the most polluted Capital in the world.
A2P uses AI to track waste biomass and then works with farmers to collect and buy that. On one side it generates additional income for farmers and on the other side A2P converts the collected biomass into NextGen biofuels. In its first product- energy pellets: A2P has an innovation such that pellets produced from the waste biomass doesn’t make hard clickers in the boilers. A2P has numerous big industries as their clients like Pepsi, HUL and few big pharmaceutical industries. A2P is commercializing its NextGen bio fuels like Green Coal and BioOil. A2P is the winner of GlobalMakersChallenge 2019


  • 2019

    Solutions for Emerging Markets Award Winner

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • India-Punjab
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