Aequorea – Energy Mobility Units

"Affordable tidal technology"


Aequorea expertise in ocean energy research. The ocean is a vast untapped energy source. A small portion of the energy stored in the ocean could power the word. Aequorea propose energy mobility units an Affordable tidal technology.
The designed prototype based on the application of two turbines, which produce 6 MW of power, beneath the ocean surface and a multi-purpose platform above the ocean surface.
This patented proposal is ideal for isolated islands leading to their energy self-sufficiency. It is environmentally friendly renewable source with zero emission, providing continuous supply of electricity. Long life of the system and reliability; rank the prototype as a competitive solution providing lower cost electricity.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Cyprus

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  • 1. Alexia Agathocleous - Architect – Engineer On Energy Technologies And Sustainable Design 2. Maria Matheou - Architect - Kinetic Hybrid Structures

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