National Third prize winner

Agri Grow Lights

LED grow lights that improve plant nutrition and sustainability


We have developed new technology for LED grow lights for horticultural applications. We are making a product that has an innovative dimming function with the potential to reduce electricity of enclosed horticultural facilities by 60-90%. By utilizing LED lights for agriculture, we can speed up the production time of crops, as well as greatly improve crop nutrition through the use of an enhanced light spectrum that is proven to increase antioxidant content in a wide range of crops. This will give the end user more nutritious crops that will benefit from enhanced flavor and a longer shelf life. Using LED lights to grow plants massively reduces the amount of water used for irrigation. Decreased irrigation will result in fewer chemicals used to produce crops. The less fertilisers and pesticides we use on our crops the better it is for humans, the environment and the farmers pocket.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Ireland

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  • Founder - Brian Reilly (BAgrSc From UCD) Horticultural Scientist, Agricultural Adviser, Innovator And Entrepreneur. Managing Director - James Brennen (BAgrSc From BIT) Horticultural Scientist, Business Enthusiast And Entrepreneur. Director Of Electronic Technology - Chris Byrne (Hons From DIT) Electrical Engineer, Industry Experience

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