National Second prize winner


Agrimax produces insectmeal for feed producers and animal farmers.


Agrimax solves the problem of Food waste that ends up in landfills produces a large amount of methane – a more powerful greenhouse gas than even CO2, increased use of fishes from the ocean and soybeans from the woodlands as fish meal and soymeal respectively using one solution, through insect (Black Soldier Fly) breeding, organic waste are collected from the city thereby solving environmental degradation and while those waste would be used as source of food for the Black soldier fly, thus making Maggot meal readily available for fish, poultry and pig farmers and replacing insect meal with fish meal and soymeal. The residue of the waste would be used as a source of Bio gas to the farm and manure to plant farmers.

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  • 1. OGUNSEYE BABATUNDE Animal Nutritionist (TEAM LEAD/FOUNDER). He Handles The Production Process Of Farming Insect. 2. AJAYI OLUWASEUN (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER-BDO)- He Handles The Branding And Packaging Of Our Product. 3. Sopein Olamide Juliana (Production Manager)- Food Scientist. 4. ASHAOLU OLUWATOBI (CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-CFO

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