National Third prize winner

AgriTech Futura Srl

Solving Deforestation through Innovative Technology


AgriTech Futura in an innovative startup from Italy with the mission of tackling Climate Change by trying and solve one of its major contributors – Deforestation. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are developing a hybrid tree and an innovative grafting technique to sustain living branches, previously removed from trees due to pruning or deforestation, in order to preserve their CO2 dissipation ability.

About 15 billion trees are removed each year, while only 1.9 billion are planted in an attempt to slow the catastrophic effects of Climate Change and Global Warming. With a ratio of almost 7: 1, it is imperative to find further solutions, to complement the existing ones, which can counteract the advance of this phenomenon. AEON – The Hybrid Tree is proposed as one of these solutions, thanks to which it would be possible to plant a tree, while saving one at the same time.

Quick facts

  • 2022 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Italy
  • 4

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  • Leonardo Camarca - CEO; Priyakshi Dey - Lab Manager; Federica De Santis - Biotechnology Manager; Marco Fianchini - Systems Managare

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