Satellite imagery based big data analytics for farmers

Agriculture lacks accurate and up to date data from the field, which affects sustainability of production, in the wake of climate change. Family farmers in low, middle and upper-middle income countries cannot easily afford expensive precision agriculture solutions which usually require high investment upfront.

Using a unique combination of general soil characteristics, climate models and satellite imagery, we designed Agrovisio as a SaaS solution providing big data analytics from farm scale to national scale. With Agrovisio, farmers will make decisions based on their hyperlocal crop data, will have a better planting strategy and will manage their yield and their risks far more effectively. Thus, Agrovisio will have a significant impact on the agriculture sector by decreasing losses and adapting farmers to climate change and severe weather conditions.

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  • Osman-Business Developer, Emre-Computer Vision Specialist, Sinan-Software Project Manager, Yusuf-Agricultural Remote Sensing Specialist, Caner-Machine Learning Specialist
National First prize winner

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