National Third prize winner


Development of a drinking water collector based on absorption


After more than ten years of Research on Materials, Engineering and Innovation we have developed and appliance that we have called WHAT, can guarantee a daily supply of drinking water.Our beachhead market are the households located in the arid areas in the North of Mexico. In the medium and long term, we will attend other market segments such as those related with growing food. The scarcity of water is a growing major problem. Governments will fight for the possession of water, space exploration is based on looking for signs of water outside the planet. Has anyone of you woken up in the middle of the night and have no water to drink?. You know, how it feels, right? It is a reality that we could solve, thanks to Air2Water. On the same hand, it is possible to save up to 60% by not having to buy bottled water anymore.
Air2Water offers a real and affordable solution, in the short term. Our WHAT is a water collector through a highly efficient molecular absorption system to provide drinking

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  • Rocio De La Torre - Project Manager / Jorge Balmaceda - CEO / Omar Bolivar - CTO

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