AirQualityTree provides modular air quality monitoring devices with artificial intelligence

AQT is an interactive modular sensor array coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning that can be used for diagnosing and solving indoor microclimate problems.
We can easy adapt to any needs the user might have. We can use as much sensors as we need or want with our system. The results are not entirely limited to sensors since we are using Artificial Intelligence as well – we are forming a cloud of data with different possibilities and solutions for each problem. We are building an event – solution database based on user interactions with the system.
Modular means that we can expand our sensor array at any point with ease.
AQT is interactive and wants user to provide data on how he is feeling at that exact microclimate. Based on that AQT can provide individualized solutions.
AQT can be used not only for individual user benefir, but as a data cloud as well, since we have a lot of data on how people react to different indoor micrcliamte conditions.

National Third prize winner

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