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Akoub Agricultural Services

Pollenating Palm Tree & Spraying pesticides


Egypt has about 15 million palm trees and owns 14% of the palm percentage in the Arab world. This is according to a statistic of the FAO in 2019. Egypt produces about one million tons of dates annually, who unfortunately exports only 3% of its production due to the quality of production and the difficulty of the very expensive pollination process. The lack of sufficient trained labor for the process of pollination, from here, a project that contributes to the ease and process of pollination, as well as pest control through a drone without the use of alternative fluids, such as the human worker that climbs more than 15 meters to climb the palm trees, the lifting machine, and the fogging machine that works with diesel and benzene It is not useful at all to produce a better quality for export from here. Our project contributes to increasing productivity with good and different types of dates in accordance with export standards to increase the material return from hard currency, which will

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