National Third prize winner


Providing highest efficiency, maximum generation for variable-flow systems: VOLVAR VFD


Pain is invisible, yet chronic and expensive: Variable flow (vf) pumps are heart of vf systems and they function inefficiently without brain that controls for optimality. Further, global economy is estimated to suffer an annual system losses of €48.41 Trillion due to low vf pump efficiency. Moreover, heat pump (HP) manufacturers suffer from low sales volumes due to low efficiency levels and high payback times. HP manufacturer and installers are sub-segmented into residential (up to 5kWe), industrial, city (above 5kWe) applications. Our validation study shows that by increasing current efficiency levels (COP-not motor) of residential HPs with VOLVAR, we can prevent a pain of at least €7.17 Trillion averaged annually for next twelve years, equivalent to saving enough to supply electricity use of 198 million homes for a year. Otherwise, the global loss equates to wiping off 95% of gross net income of England, France, Germany combined, that is, suffering an economic loss as large as thirty-nine times of the revenue of Apple each year.

The deal: As ALCOR ENERGY, we design, develop and license VOLVAR Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to manufacturers and installers of variable flow pump for €2M for 100K pump, usable up to 7 years or for €350K based on smaller volume and shorter duration to ensure maximum production efficiency and total net output of (solar) power and heat co-generation systems, plants, factories for next-generation viable cities.


  • 2017

    IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Expert Groups for Tasks 55 and 59 invitee, 2017

  • 2017

    National finalist, 3rd place, Climate Launchpad int’l clean technology competition

  • 2017

    Semifinalist and grad., Global Cleantech Innovation Program, Turkey, CleantechOpen

  • 2017

    UMass Lowell Entrepreneur in Residence shortlst and Bilkent CAP invitee, 2017

  • 2016

    Award of Merit in Innovation Mngt, top 50, Inovalig, Exporters Assembly of Turkey, 2016

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  • Turkey
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