Global First prize winner


Delivering Bio-Alkanol Gel fuel as a renewable energy source


This innovation addresses agro/biowaste conversion and therefore exploits fruit peelings and poultry-derived eggshells as raw materials to deliver economical and renewable biofuel capable of significantly lowering wood-based fuels, parafin and gas-based fuel dependency by rural communities in Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania. Biofuels play significant roles in decarburization of our future energy needs and act to mitigate deleterious impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. The Bio-alkanol gel fuel has orange peals as a raw material. Orange fruits accumulate the monoterpene limonene in their oil glands (Badawy et al. 2017). Bio-akanol gel repels mosquitoes since D-limonene is incorporated into the Bio-alkanol gel fuel.
The Bio-alkanol gel fuel is therefore a novel innovation which spares a thought for those rural communities to ensure that we (a) mitigate agaist deforestation at L. Victoria water catchment areas (b) tame the silent killer (smoke) in the kitchens of rural East Africans resident


  • 2018

    Main objective: help fight climate change by introducing their bio fuel in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

  • 2017

    Winner of ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final 2017

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Kenya

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  • 1.Mr. Bonface K. Jiveri, He Is The Lead Innovator ( Founder) 2.Dr. David M. Musyimi, -Technical Advisor 3. Ms Dianah Kwanyi-sales Manager

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