Crowdsourced Elevation Data for Accurate and Affordable Flood Predictions


All4Elevation wants to provide accurate and affordable elevation data for better flood predictions and offer it as a service to public and private organisations. We are doing this by combining smartphones, satellite navigation and the power of the crowd. Together with the European Space Agency we are developing a crowdsourced mobile application which allows to turn smartphones into “smart sensors being able to conduct elevation measurements by utilising potentially millions of phones. The data is gathered and further enriched in our global database before it is offered as a service to our customers with a pricing model accounting for the accuracy, timeliness and application of the data. Our goal is developing an impactful, scalable and lucrative solution which helps to predict the effects of storms, coastal and river floods to support disaster management, food security, urban planning and water safety.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • The Netherlands

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  • Alexander Gunkel (Managing Director), Jeroen Derriks (Software Engineer), Ingrid Van Namen (Data Analyst)

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