Alternative Plants

Sustainable cosmetic ingredients produced using plant stem cell technology


Alternative Plants produces cosmetic active ingredients using plant stem cell cultures from medicinal plants that are rare, endangered or are difficult to gather in the wild.
By growing batches of plant cells from only a tiny wild sample, we make the inaccessible accessible – our technology is the only way how to access beneficial substances produced by endangered plants. Our technology is scalable to consistent production in industrial bioreactors. Production is highly standardized and, compared to traditional botanical ingredient production, risks of seasonality and pollution are completely excluded. Production is highly sustainable as no land is exploited, use of water and energy resources is significantly lower if compared to traditional production. Our ingredients undergo scrupulous chemical and biological characterization. They are tested for anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and skin allergies alleviating activities to provide science backed efficacy claims.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Latvia

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  • Anna Ramata-Stunda, CEO & Co-founder / Martins Boroduskis, CTO & Co-founder / Elza Kaktina, Researcher/ Baiba Silamikele, Researcher,

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