Arena Recycling Industry

Recycling of plastic waste into Eco-bricks


Over 8 million tons of plastic waste are thrown in the ocean every year ,these plastic waste disprut the ocean Eco-system which lead to climate change.

We at Arena recycling we recycle plastic waste into affordable Eco-building Materials for Construction

The process involve collection of plastic waste by organizing campaign for beach clean-up around marine areas, we educate and promote the change of behavior in waste disposal, by involving community recyclers into logistic and improve their income by repeatedly buying collected plastic waste, the collected plastic waste is then sorted according to plastic waste composition (density), melted and mixed with sand to produce better bricks

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Tanzania
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  • 1. Chief Executive Officer Names: HELLENA SAILAS (CEO) Medical Laboratory Technologist Key Responsibilities • To Determine The Company Strategic Goal And Making Sure They Are Measurable And Describable • Maintaining Awareness Of The Competitive Market Landscape, Expansion Opportunities, Industry Development • Assessing The Company Risk 2. Chief Financial Officer Names: NEEMA XIBONA(CFO) CPA (NBAA) Accounting Experience Key Responsibilities • Record, Report And Account For Every Activity From Sales To Production • Create Budget And Financial Strategies • Build The Control System That Monitor Company Financial Health • Monitor And Control Project Fund • Prepare Financial Reports For The Company And Tax Filings 3. Chief Operations Officer Names: BONIPHACE MADUHU(COO) Bachelor’s In Human Resource Management Key Responsibilities • Controlling Customer Costs, And Introducing Tactical Initiatives To Address Theft And Other Losses • Monitoring Invoices, Money Handling Procedures, Accounting And Bank Processes • Recruitment, Training And Staff Capacity Building As Per Annual Plan 4. Director Of The Board Names: Reuben M.M Akilipesa (Member) Key Responsibilities • Review Annual Plans, Business Plans And Business Strategies • Hold The CEO Responsible And The Whole Management To Other Stakeholders • Sponsor Audits, Reviews And Monitoring And Evaluation Of The Impact We Create • Advise The CEO And Top Management On Business Matters, Leadership And Scaling
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