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Asia Insect Farm Solutions

We supply cricket flour as a natural, sustainable protein ingredient.


We specialise in the production and supply of cricket flour as a natural, sustainable and responsibly-sourced animal protein. Our cricket flour is more complete in its natural whole form than any other animal or plant protein. it contains higher levels of protein, all nine essential amino acids and prebiotic dietary fiber to promote gut health. Our cricket flour is also rich in calcium, iron and vitamin B12, which are among the top 7 common nutrient deficiencies in the world.

Our crickets are produced in an indoor facility using a proprietary and semi-automated system of insect rearing, feeding and processing methods to produce a cricket flour product with superior nutritional quality and functionality. Our system of processes is also 100% natural and does not require any hormones, preservatives, antibiotics or other chemical inputs.

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  • Raavee Shanker (Business Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Strategic Partnerships), Yuvanesh Tamil Selvan (Business Strategy, Marketing, Financials And Investor Relations)

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