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Bringing clear sky by providing accurate weather prediction


Have you ever thought how much harm the imprecise weather forecast causes to our planet? Nowadays, in our society, there is the lack of knowledge in weather changes that occur in the world.
We, the Atmosphere team, have developed a versatile intellectual system, which provides on-site weather prediction and regular consulting. We collect data from external sources such as satellites and international climate services, as well as from internal sources which are our arrays of sensors. All the data is collected and analyzed in our cloud. Eventually, we receive accurate prediction and advisory.
Among a large variety of markets, we have chosen boiler rooms of shopping centers as a starting point. Neural network analyzes weather data combined with the data from the boiler room itself. Consequently, control unit receives regular consulting on heat management, which results, at least, in 5% of fuel and CO2 reduction. AT LEAST. And shopping centers are just the beginning.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Ukraine
  • € 11k
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  • Viktor Dolgopiatov - CEO And Founder. Oleksandra Bulenok - CMO. Valerii Hrysha - CMTO
  • www.atmosphere.city

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