National Second prize winner


Produce-to-Demand Sustainable Agriculture Model using data-based recommendation platform


AtoANI ( employs a produce-to-demand model whereby pre-orders from its existing and potential customers dictates the crops that AtoANI grows in its farm and partner farms through sustainable farming methods. Then delivers this produce from the farmers straight to its customers. To enable this, it uses web and mobile compatible data-based analytics recommendation platform, AtoANI i-CROP, developed by AtoANI to provide recommendations to the farmers on the type and amount of crop to plant based on soil-crop compatibility data on a specific location and based on customer demand.

With the produce-to-demand model, its customers are assured of getting quality produce at an affordable price based on their set pre-orders and ensures zero to less crop wastage on the part of the farmers thereby increasing their income, maximizing available land for farming and optimizing productivity.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Philippines
  • 7

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  • Maria Wilvenna Añora - Co-founder, Head Of Strategy And Business Development; Venecia Añora - Co-founder, Head Of Farm Operations; Jhonnalyn Añora - Co-founder, Head Of Sales And Product Development

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