ATS WorldWide

Innovative, fully automatic airplane transport system on the airport surface.


The idea was born during a casual conversation with a friend pilot. He said that from the moment of landing at the airport, only by the Gate his plane burned more than 2 tons of aviation fuel! What a waste ..

We solved the problem that the entire aviation industry could not handle since the 1970s.

If the ATS is implemented the fuel cost savings only at three European airports: Frankfurt, Heathrow, Parics will amount to 749.400.000 EUR!

The following amounts of gases are released into the environment during aircraft taxiing procedures at these three European airports every year:
HC – – hydrocarbons – 1.602.850 kg
NOx – carcinogenic nitric oxides – 4.309.050 kg
CO – lethal damp, carbon monoxide – 19.315.799 kg
CO2 – greenhouse gas – carbon dioxide – 3.465.980 kg

The largest institution in the industry have recognized this as a real revolution – it will be a standard for all airports in the world very soon!

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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Poland

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  • Sławomir Malicki - Economist, Entrepreneur, Finances; Robert Wiencek - Lawyer, Sales, Marketing; Vince Howie - Constructor

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