Aude Opus

We provide hydrogen based battery for renewable energy storage.

Aude Opus provides hydrogen based batteries for long term electricity storing.To make renewable energy consistent and trustworthy we need to have an electricity storing solution, which can provide electricity for a long periods time.
In order to go full on renewable energy we need to electricity storage solution. TO create that, Aude Opus combines already existing new technologies in a single product.

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  • Timmu Tollimägi - CEO, Mechatronics Engineer. Https:// Rihhard Rosin - Chemical Engineer. Https:// Karl Paide - Mechatronics Engineer. Https:// Eveli Lill - HR Manager, Legal Advisor. Https:// Deniss Klauson PhD - Hydrogen Production Expert. Https:// Argo Rosin PhD - Smart Grid Expert. Https://
Aude Opus

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